The Necessity of Baptism for Salvation (Please read with an open mind)

So I’ve heard just about all of the arguments denying the necessity of baptism for salvation, and I thought I’d go through some of the most common ones. I hope if you are reading this from a position of already disagreeing with the title of this post, or perhaps you’ve never been taught this belief before, that you’ll read this with a very open mind. I’ve sincerely written this with a concerned heart for the souls that may be potentially lost from believing differently than what I’m going to present to you as truth. In the end, your decisions are all in your control and you’ll do what you think is best as we all do. Continue reading

Never Worry About the Unforgivable Sin Again

Have you ever been afraid that you committed the unforgivable sin? Or that you might accidentally commit it? Well today you’re in luck. I’m going to show you that you don’t have to be afraid. The truth is… no person today can commit that sin. It’s as simple as that. You can never worry about the unforgivable sin again. Allow me to explain. Continue reading

If You’re Going to Prophesy or Speak In Tongues, Then Do It His Way

God in heaven

It’s always important to follow how God wants things done through His Word. So if you’re going to prophesy or speak in tongues, then do it His way. Now personally, I’m skeptical of anyone who claims to have miraculous gifts of the Spirit for scriptural reasons that I’ll choose to withhold for now. However, being that some do believe people have these kinds of miraculous gifts of the Spirit; people should at least educate themselves on how things were conducted in scripture. Let’s review 1 Corinthians 14 and we’ll understand how these two most popular spiritual gifts were instructed to be used within the body of Christ. Continue reading

This Is How You Find the Right Church

inside of a church

So, you want to know how you find the right church? Well, this is how you find the right church. Many people have personal preferences as to the kind of church they like. Some people prefer ones that play  loud music, ones that have a charismatic preacher, and a number of other things. But do these things necessarily amount to what Scripture determines as necessary in finding the right church? Shouldn’t scripture be the most important standard as to what is the right local body of Christ we should be assembling with? Well, let’s dive into scripture and observe what information it has for. Continue reading

Women Can Wear Leggings and We Can All Avoid Staring at Their Butts


An interesting title isn’t it. But it’s true. Women can wear leggings, and we can all avoid staring at their butts. A couple stories I read on the web caught my eye that gave me a desire to address this topic in a post. One story was a woman who wrote an opinion on a Christian site that stated she would no longer wear leggings so not to tempt men to lust. A lot of women highly criticized the piece for its implication of women being at fault for man’s lust. Another story awhile ago that brought attention to the issue of leggings is a US representative from Montana proposed a bill that would ban yoga pants in public under indeceny laws. Let’s try to look at the issue from an objective standpoint, and see what we can find in Scripture. Continue reading

Christians Don’t Go to Heaven When They Die


Yes, that’s right. Christians don’t go to heaven when they die. Allow me to explain. If you grew up in a religious background, you’ve likely grown up believing when a person dies, they either go straight to heaven or hell. A simple idea that many of us have been taught, but likely never investigated in scripture because it seemed obvious. However, if we investigate the scripture on where people go when they die, we might be surprised to find that it’s not as obvious as we’ve always been taught. Continue reading

What the Church Should Be All About

inside of a church

What do you think the Church should be all about? We all know it centers around Christ of course, but for the purposes of this question, I’m asking what the focus of any assembling of the Body of Christ should be in it’s actions. I can probably read the various answers in your mind right now. Some of you are probably thinking church should be all about worship. Others of you are probably thinking church should be about social outreach and community work. Then some might say the church should be about gifts of the Spirit, worshiping on the Sabbath, and so on with all the other denominational traditions people choose to emphasize. I however think we get the true answer to my opening question in Acts 2. Continue reading

Peace and Contentment


Peace and contentment. Sounds like two things just about all of us wish we could have in life. The final chapter division of Paul’s letter to the Philippians is a beautiful reminder that Christians can have that peace and contentment. We last left off with Paul explaining what an authentic disciple is and is not, that a Christian’s highest loyalty is to Christ, and the transformation of our bodies will be conformed to His Glory. Paul begins this last chapter division by encouraging the Philippians to again stand firm in the Lord. Continue reading

Being an Authentic Disciple


Let’s talk about being an authentic disciple. By the way, for those who may wonder why I keep using this image in my last few posts, it’s an image of the ancient city of Philippi. So in the second chapter of Philippians we discussed the emphasis Paul put on unity and obedience in Christ. In this third chapter division of Paul’s letter to the Philippians, the primary emphasis shifts towards being aware of those who are not authentic disciples of Christ, and how to exemplify being an authentic disciple of Christ. Continue reading

One mind, One love


One mind and one love seems an appropriate theme for Chapter 2 of Philippians. When we left off from the first chapter of Philippians, Paul was indicating to the Philippians that suffering is a part of the Christian journey, just as he is currently suffering in jail as they read this letter. As we continue this letter into the beginning of chapter 2, he appeals to the Philippians to bring joy to him by being united in one mind and one love. Continue reading