Does God vocally speak to Christians?

Another oldie but a goodie. This topic has long been a fascinating one to me growing up, and I think I might do a sequel to this post someday. My stance on this issue hasn’t changed, but I think there’s more insight to be pondered within this topic. Enjoy!

Fact Based Truth

I’ve desired to write on this particular topic for a while, and it’s something I’ve always had a curiosity about even before I actually became a scripturally saved follower of Christ a few years ago. I’ve had many of friends in life that profess to hear from God. I’ve heard many of televangelists and self-proclaimed preachers in different churches claim to have heard messages from God to deliver to the people, and seen many of professed Christians that believe God has vocally spoken to them about what to do in their life. In discussing this topic, I want us to avoid entertaining our own personal experiences, because I would assert that personal experiences mean nothing if they aren’t backed up by the truth of God’s Word. My goal in opening a dialogue on this topic is for us to do as best as we can to formulate a complete understanding…

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