In Response to All of Your Comments on the Expectations Post


I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed learning about so many of all of your different experiences in your connections with God. It really does stress the diversity of what connecting with God can mean for each person. Upon reflection, it makes me ponder whether I’ve been misguided to think that having a feeling or sense of God was the standard for a real connection. Maybe it’s true that we all have our own real connections with God in our own way.

Perhaps that could someday include more of the miraculous or some divine feeling in my life. For now, I’m enamored by what I think about and read in the Word every single day. The intricacy of each line written exactly the way God wanted it to be written. The level of moral aptitude that we’re all called to live up to in our words and actions daily. The focus on unity between all believers in our love for God and love for others. The compassion that God displays to His people bringing them to some form of joy in their life in scripture and in the lives I’ve observed of others.

It’s that kind of stuff that I suppose gives me some form of connection with God. It’s my hope for myself and for all of us that our connections with God will continue to grow into something meaningful and beautiful to us.

Peace to all those who are in Christ.


3 thoughts on “In Response to All of Your Comments on the Expectations Post

  1. Good post. You know the thing I distrust the most in my “connection with God,” are my “feelings.” They are so fickle at best. In reality when I think about it all, all the comments and your post, if we want to connect with God in that “special way,” we can never fail in the connection in love and trust with, to, and for Him.

    When we let that be the basis of it, everything else is going to fall into place, one way or the other.

    I think sometimes we make God awfully hard. We like to place our logic upon Him. When we think of a God who parted a sea, who came down as Man, who died for our sins, who caused a flood and placed a rainbow in the sky, these are things logic and reason will never be able to explain. When we see God such as this, then that will be the greatest connection any of us will ever have.

    Thank you for making me realize that with your post. God Bless, SR

    • Hi SR. Thanks for your comment. Indeed, perhaps we do make God more complicated than He is sometimes. And yes, all those examples you mentioned suggest a consideration for something beyond logic and understanding when approaching our connection with God. It’s a fascinating experience to try to configure and maybe not to really try to configure at all.

      Thanks for all of your insights you’ve been sharing. It’s a pleasure to read your comments.

      Peace in Christ. 🙂

  2. One of the reasons for the Ascension – an earthly and therefore more emotional relationship is, for fallen human nature, consistently distracting from the interior reality which transcends it… Thus the Risen Lord’s strange words to Mary Magdalene, “Stop holding on to me!”

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