Why Do I Say “Peace in Christ”?

If you ever wondered why I close my responses to anyone with the phrase “Peace in Christ”, or why I close my posts with the phrase “peace to all those who are in Christ”, there’s a very simple answer to that. It’s a variation of a phrase I derived from 1 Peter 5:12. Peter states at the closing of his letter, “Peace be to you all who are in Christ.” Interestingly enough, it was a common greeting from both Apostle Peter and Apostle Paul in their letters to say something along the lines of, “Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is a short post for today since I didn’t have too many thoughts on my mind. Perhaps these expressions can be something we mimic in some way in our interactions with one another. When I end my responses to you all with the phrase “Peace in Christ”, I genuinely do hope you all find peace in your faith, as that is what I seek and hope for everyday in my own journey of faith. With that, I leave you with the phrase that those who’ve regularly read this blog are all to familiar with.

Peace be to you all who are in Christ.


4 thoughts on “Why Do I Say “Peace in Christ”?

  1. Just keep doing it. When I was a teenager my one friend’s mom always answered the phone by saying the peace of Christ be with you. Back then we didn’t know who was calling. I thought she was very brave and I haven’t forgotten it to this day. Keep planting those seeds.

  2. In today’s world, it seems a little strange to greet people in Christ, and that’s sad. It shouldn’t be strange. I tend to end my posts with a God Bless but your Peace in Christ is a wonderful ending as well. Thanks for what you do!

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