Surprise, Surprise, The World Isn’t Ending Tomorrow

Really not a surprise at all. Mr. Christian numerologist has now clarified that his prediction isn’t necessarily that the world will end tomorrow, but that it will be the beginning of an ending that’s coming in the future with major things that happen in the next few weeks that will never be the same. In other words, he’s given himself a way out of being wrong. So that’s that. Hope this gives peace to the last few people who were still nervous about this

No thoughts really today. Just been kind of blank in the mind. I’ll see what I reflect on in my journey with God tomorrow.

Peace to you all in Christ.


8 thoughts on “Surprise, Surprise, The World Isn’t Ending Tomorrow

  1. I wonder when mankind will give up trying to dictate the mind of God…When it’s evidenced in Scripture that NO MAN will know the time… only the Father.

    However, if you’ve convinced people that it’s going to happen, you can control their behavior, supercharge fear, accelerate actions, create commotion and humans thrive on fear, adrenaline and the unknown. Other men have taken advantage of that.

    I’ll just be ready every day so it doesn’t matter when it takes place.

    Peace to you, in our Lord Jesus Christ.

    • Hi dividinghisword. Thanks for your comment. That’s unfortunately the dark side of these predictions. While some of us laugh or scoff at them, there’s the few that take them to heart and end up selling everything sadly. Indeed, as scripture tells us, “like a thief in the night”, so best to be ready everyday.

      Peace to you as well in Christ.

    • Hi muttering heart. Thanks for your comment., Interesting article. I’ve had my own questions in the past about what the concept of time was in scripture versus our modern concept of time based on the Gregorian calendar. It’s interesting to ponder.

      Peace to you in Christ.

  2. Whether you’re a Believer in Christ, or an atheistic science geek, we might all agree that ONE DAY this will all end.

    I’m just grateful that first, I DON’T know when it will, and second, that there IS a God that will orchestrate the event, and He and I are on the same side!

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