Reflecting on Apostle Paul


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As I continue living my journey with God one day at a time, I found myself reflecting on Apostle Paul today. He was a man that was very instrumental to spreading the Gospel of Christ. Very instrumental in the formation of scripture that we have to read today. I’m impressed that he went through a lot of struggles in life, but still managed to keep pushing forward.  He faced opposition from people who didn’t believe his message, opposition from those in power who had him beaten and jailed, and even believers who questioned his apostleship.

He had to condemn his fellow Jewish Christian believers for the actions they were imposing on the Gentiles, and he even had to stand up to Apostle Peter for the wrong example he was setting. I wonder about the stress Apostle Paul might have felt in life at times. The frustration with the work he was trying to accomplish with all the pain he was enduring. But still through everything, Apostle Paul continued to push forward through his faith in God. I see that as an inspiration for myself and all Christians to be able to keep pushing forward in our faith.

Peace to you all in Christ.


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8 thoughts on “Reflecting on Apostle Paul

  1. Ahh, but the fruit that was produced through him …… I am sure there was joy unspeakable that carried him through to the end. Fruit, that the Father might be glorified. This is why we write.

    • Hi HisFamilyTable. Thanks for your comment. Indeed, definitely joy in the letters for the people he helped become saved and the great progress that some of the churches were making.

      Peace to you in Christ.

    • Hi Adam. Thanks for your comment. Yes, it’s odd some have that criticism when Apostle Peter gives an endorsement of Apostle Paul by acknowledging his letters as scripture (2 Peter 3:15-16). Thanks for the encouragement.

      Peace to you in Christ.

  2. Nice post. He also brought us the revelation, “the mystery that was hidden for ages and generations but is now revealed”. “I assume that you have heard of the work God in his grace has given me to do for your benefit,and that it was by a revelation that this secret plan was made known to me. I have already written about it briefly,and if you read what I have written, you will grasp how I understand this secret plan concerning the Messiah. – Ephesians 3:2-4

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