FBT Podcast Ep.4: Seeing Is Believing


3 thoughts on “FBT Podcast Ep.4: Seeing Is Believing

  1. I disagree with your conclusion. We know that God’s word does not contradict itself… if we perceive a contradiction, then it is our frail, limited human understanding that is the problem, not the Word. I do agree God’s Word is without fault or error, but seeing is not believing. God’s Word tells us we live by faith not by sight. It also tells us that faith is THE evidence of things believed but not SEEN. The main verse for me that tells me (since I am in Christ) that I will be with my Lord the minute my spirit leaves my body is the verse that says that to be ABSENT from the body is to be present with the Lord. Can’t get any clearer than that. The scriptures you refer to about the dead in Christ “sleeping” until His return is in reference to their bodies. Their bodies are asleep, not their spirits. Where it says that those who are alive at the time of His return will not “sleep” means that their bodies will not see death. When those whose bodies are “asleep” at Christ’s coming will rise from the grave, be reunited with their spirits that have already gone to heaven. In essence, they will receive a glorified body, just as Christ did when He ascended to Heaven. Prior to Jesus walking out of that tomb, His spirit was elsewhere (we glean from the Word that for those 3 days, He was in Hell, setting the captives free, taking the keys to death and Hell, and defeating death and sin once and for all. That is why the Word says ‘ Death, where is thy sting?’ because Jesus had defeated the father of death). He had prophesied that. After those 3 days, His spirit was entered into His body again, and He walked out of that tomb, as a witness to those that had heard him preach and prophecy about that very thing, that what He said was true. But He told them for them not to touch Him, didn’t He? Because He said that He hadn’t ascended to Heaven yet, thus He had not received His glorified body yet. But when He returns, since that no longer applies to him, all those bodies in the grave, at his very appearing, will automatically be transfigured. Those that won’t “sleep” will automatically be transfigured without ever tasting death. I think that is a glorious thing. It can be hard for our mortal minds to comprehend how such things could happen, but that is where faith comes in. The faith of a child. If I tell my children something, they are so trusting, they may not understand my explanation, but they will accept it, because they trust me. It is the same with believers. It seems many adults have lost that innocent faith and want everything explained, and if they cannot understand, they reject it seeking another answer that makes more sense to them. We must be like children when it comes to God’s Word, and be like “God, I am not sure how you will do this. I am not sure I understand how this could happen, but since I know you don’t lie or contradict yourself, I know it must be so.” That is it. I know that is hard for many to do, because we through education and years of living in the world have developed the concept of everything must have a logical answer. Not so, at least not in our human understanding. I am sure if God explained something to us in detail we would understand many mysteries, but since He put what He knew what we needed to know, and leaves us with many questions– obviously He knew that those answers were not essential for us to know right now, or that even if He told us, we wouldn’t have the intelligence to grasp it anyway. So, I take what my Daddy says and leave it at that. : )

    • Hi twogalsandabook. Thank you for your comment, and also for taking the time to listen to my podcast. I really appreciate that. Before I respond, I just want to ask that you’ll be open to my words in response to you. I only write these words just for something to consider for understanding. I know part of your mind will be looking to find the flaws in my words since that’s what we all do when we’ve seen something we disagree with, but I just wanna request that you hear out what I’m saying and understand why I’m understanding things a little bit differently. Deal? 🙂

      Before I start, just to clarify my use of the phrase “seeing is believing”, I used the phrase as a means to explain in the simplest way why I make my conclusion. Like using an analogy to explain a concept. All I was trying to get across is that I do my best to believe the words that I see in the pages I read.

      I’m glad you referenced that verse absent from the body, present with the Lord. I think it’s a really great verse. I think something to perhaps consider is that not every “we” that you and I see is referring to “we” as Christians. I’ll give you an example. This is a verse that’s a few verses after the one you’re referencing. 2 Cor 5:11 states, “Therefore, knowing the fear of the Lord, we persuade men, but we are made manifest to God; and I hope that we are made manifest also in your consciences.” As you can see in this verse, when the apostles are saying we, they are referring to themselves. “I (Apostle Paul) hope that we (Apostle Paul and Brother Timothy) are made manifest also in your (Corinthian Christians) consciences.” So if only a few verses later a “we” is referring to the apostles, it would seem that in this chapter the “we” is generally the apostles referring to themselves, which is what I conclude of that verse you cite. Apostle Paul is referring to what will be his and the other apostles experience when they die. I think it seems to tie with when Jesus speaking to the other apostles (I know Paul wasn’t there at the time) that he would prepare a place for them (John 14:3). And they’re going to have to already be there to sit on the 12 thrones and judge the 12 tribes of Israel (Matthew 19:28).

      You talked about their being a distinction of spirit and body reuniting as the understanding of 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17. Would you agree that that understanding isn’t directly stated in the verse? Meaning that the verse doesn’t state in exact words, “the bodies will rise to meet their spirits which are already in heaven”? It’s because I don’t see those exact words specifically stated in the passage, that leads me to choose to believe what the text states only as it is stated, no more or no less. And that makes me conclude what I concluded in my podcast. I’m very careful about making sure I’m not adding or taking away from what scripture is stating as it seems scripture warns us not to do many times.

      I hope this explains with more clarity why I currently hold this understanding. I hope we’ll both humbly continue to try to understand what God wants us to believe according to His Word, not based necessarily on any human logic, but just on what words God has specifically stated to us in scripture. I’m glad we can have this respectful and healthy discussion without being condescending or belittling of each other’s thinking, and living up to standard of being a follower of Christ in loving each other as we love ourselves.

      Peace in Christ. 🙂

      • Hello FBT, and thank you for responding to me. Yes, I agree what is most important is that we share the Lord as Saviour in common, and that makes us part of a much loved family (by our Father, anyway, not the world). I do agree it is important that is is essential to discuss things without resorting to anything demeaning– there has been far too much division in the Body of Christ over its history for people to add to it. Even though all of these things are interesting to debate and ponder, but I guess our main priority as His ambassadors to do the Great Commission in telling others about Him, so that as many as possible are not lost….. all the other doctrinal issues will be sorted out when we meet Him face to face, however that happens…. and Gosh, how I look forward to the wonderful day. I know at that time, all of the trivial differences that has divided the Church over the years, creating numerous denominations will all seem so frivolous. So in that light, I do embrace you as my brother in Christ, and look forward to meeting you face to face in our new Heavenly home one day! : )

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