Does God Want You to Dream Big?

Of course we can’t help the kind that we have in our sleep, but what about the kind when we’re awake? Does God really want you to dream big and go after the things that you want to achieve in life as you hear so many Christian athletes and other famous Christians tell you? It’s an interesting thing to ponder. A pondering that perhaps has no real answer. But as always, I’m going to offer you my take based on all of my scriptural knowledge. Continue reading

How to Get Married According to Scripture

I decided to go straight to the archives and review this topic of how to get married according to scripture again. I’ve had much fun debating some of you all throughout this week, but with today being Friday, I thought I’d keep things light for everybody. This post isn’t intended to assert a definitive conclusion that all Christians should believe and practice, rather, it’s just my own subjective analysis I offer for your pondering. Just to warn you, this is going to be a very long post, so make sure you have the time to read it all. Enjoy! Continue reading

Monday Morning Pastor: Steven Furtick

I’m going to try to do something new here from time to time called Monday Morning Pastor. It’s a play on the phrase “Monday Morning Quarterback”, for those who don’t know. I’m going to analyze the Sunday sermons of the pastors of some of the biggest churches in the country and/or the world. I think it’s good to analyze these teachings since thousands and millions of people are being influenced by them, and it would seem important to make sure these teachings are accurate. It’s easy to think because someone or some church is popular their teachings are right. But as the examples of the Bereans in Acts 17 shows us, even the most prominent of teachers always have to be subject to the truth of the Word. This edition’s Monday Morning Pastor is Pastor Steven Furtick’s sermon at Elevation Church, “#HarvestProblems”. Continue reading

The Devil Was Never an Angel

So I’ve written on this topic before on here, but I thought it would be helpful to review this again for a greater purpose beyond the actual teaching. As you’ve seen in my previous posts such as “Christians Don’t Go to Heaven When They Die”, “Why Do We Celebrate Easter?” and many others, I’m not shy about challenging traditional beliefs if they seem inconsistent to what Scripture specifically states or doesn’t state. I only care about believing what God wants me to believe according to His Word, and connecting with Him deeper through continually embodying the Word in my thoughts and actions. With that said, let’s see through scripture why the devil was never an angel. Continue reading

In Response to #ThingsOnlyChristianWomenHear

I don’t know how many of you use twitter, but yesterday there was a hashtag trend on twitter called #ThingsOnlyChristianWomenHear. For those of you who aren’t familiar with hashtag trends, it’s basically a topic that’s getting a lot of tweets from twitter users. I saw it and clicked out of curiosity to see what people were saying. You’re welcome to view the original tweets here. Unfortunately most of the tweets with regards to the trend were ones of women recounting words they heard that belittled them or made them feel disrespected. So I decided to write an in response post appropriately titled, “In Response to #ThingsOnlyChristianWomenHear”. Continue reading

The One Thing Jesus Hated The Most

To many this would seem to be an ironic title, “The One Thing Jesus Hated The Most”. Most Christians would probably tell you how much Jesus was about love or something to that effect. But there were things that Jesus spoke out against consistently that perhaps we don’t ponder enough. In understanding what Jesus strongly disliked, and being He was the son of God, consequently what God strongly dislikes, perhaps we find ourselves another avenue with connecting with God deeper. But first, if an alien were to crash land on earth with no knowledge of Christianity and had to guess what Jesus hated most based off of what Christian culture speaks out against most, what would there guesses be? Continue reading

Why Do We Celebrate Easter?

John 3:16. “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” Beautiful verse isn’t it. As we’re all familiar in scripture, Jesus dies on a cross for the sins of mankind and rises on the third day. The yearly celebration many Christians observe in remembrance of that moment is called Easter. But why do we celebrate Easter? Continue reading

How Do You Convert an Unbeliever?

There are friends that I have in my life who I know aren’t Christians. Maybe you have some of those friends too. I don’t really bring up my faith as much to them. Some don’t even know I’m a Christian, but I do my best to be a positive person in their life. It’s the hope in my doing that that they see Christianity as something positive through the Godly character and attitude I’ve displayed towards them as a Christian. But I’ve been pondering lately the question, “how do you convert an unbeliever?” What does scripture tell us or show us on how we can potentially successfully do that? Continue reading

Tell Your Churches to Stop Spending Money on Bigger Buildings

In western church culture, particularly in the US, the trend has been growing for over the last couple of decades for churches to use their collection money to expand and grow to a larger size. Though I ask of you to tell your churches to stop spending money on bigger buildings, it goes far beyond that. It’s also to tell them to stop spending on all the colorful bright lights, loud sound systems, fancy camera equipment and expensive musical instruments. If you didn’t read my first two sentences of this post, you’d think I was talking about a rock concert. But there’s an important lesson behind the title of this message, and it’s the issue of what God wants His collection money spent on. I’m going to show you what scripture seems to indicate to us. Continue reading

God, Man, and Nature

Imagine a time you were in a green forest, on a sunny beach, or anywhere in nature. Think about the feelings you felt in some of those moments. In the midst of all the bright screens that our eyes are staring at today, perhaps we’ve limited ourselves in how much more we can connect with God. Maybe in spending some more of our time in nature, we bring ourselves even closer to God. Let’s reflect on scripture for a moment. Some of the greatest scriptural events we’re all familiar with occurred within nature. Continue reading